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  • PM Andrew Hayes
  • PSgt Scott Wood
  • Kate Allen
  • Jennifer Belanger
  • Nic Busch
  • Rosalie MacDonald
  • Craig Matthews
  • Rich Nichol
  • Sandy Reid
  • Brian Saunders
  • Ember Schira
  • Dave Thorpe

Guest Pipers

  • Blair Cooper
  • Matt Dolan
  • Alex Galloway

Side Drummers

  • Lead Cameron Reid
  • Terrance Cadiente
  • Liam Diamond
  • Tyler Wood

Tenor & Bass

  • Danny Barrett
  • Robert Greenslade
  • Jessica Reid

Drum Major

  • Chris Hoskin

Honourary Members:

  • Brig. Gen. (Rtd) Darrell Dean
  • The Honourable Senator & HMaj. Larry Campbell
  • HMaj. T. C. Ho
  • Former HCol. W. E. Ireland
  • HMaj. Bill Diamond



Community Service

Today The British Columbia Regiment Irish Pipes and Drums (affectionately referred to as "the Irish") is an all-volunteer band made up of civilian women, men and youth of diverse ethnic origins. The members of the band finance their operation through many fundraising events and the kind donations of supporters. The band plays at various civic functions, charitable events, parades, and military functions in the Metro Vancouver Area. As well, members volunteer for community events like the 148 Legion's BBQ Chicken event every summer.

Recruiting & Training

On going: a number of young people have joined the band and are busy taking lessons. New comers who have some experience in Piping or Drumming would be welcome.

Join the Band

If you’re interested in joining the band as a piper, side drummer or tenor drummer, please contact us. We are an open and inclusive group who are always striving to do our best. Come join us! We provide training and lessons from professional pipers and drummers. Uniforms and drums are owned and provided by the band. For more information call:

Parades & Public Events



Youth Training Program

The B.C. Regiment – Irish Pipes & Drums have undertaken a youth training program directed at youth who wish to learn Piping or Drumming with the objective of joining the Pipe Band.  We have had 15 youth join the band over the last 12 years with 4 currently in training.